Light Observation #7

1.March 15th, inside the Student Center Theater.

2. Sitting in the theater I was prepared to watch the 1-3rd monologues with a few friends. The lighting was either all off for blackout, or horrible led lighting above the actors which did nothing to help see their faces. However there was a moment a bed was laid out, and all the lights went out except for a single amber bean that spread across it.

3. Some relate bed to safety and home, a place where you can’t be hurt. But when I see a room and there is only led’s and harsh white light on it; I don’t even feel the bed is sacred, that it is more of a place blinded than a place safe. However with the low light of the amber on a bed it becomes some place warm, cozy, a place to relax. It made me want to just be comfortable and safe in my bed and not worry at all about anything at all.

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