Light Observation #12

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Technically May 4th, sometime around 1 or 2am

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Trying to fall asleep, with the dim orange glow coming through my window, but my eyes closed, the lightning flashed, searing right through my eyelids.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I picked this moment mostly because of the contradiction to an earlier observation. When that light penetrated the thin layer of skin protecting some rather important organs, I nearly jumped out of my skin. That primal reaction of fear struck, just as it had when I moved into shadow during my acting class a few weeks back. I actually have fond memories of thunderstorms; I used to sit on the porch with my dad and watch it pour, hear the thunder clap, count from each flash to each clap. I’m not afraid of thunderstorms anymore, but it was just so unexpected, the storm just starting, maybe that was it. Whatever it was, I think that’s what they refer to as “putting the fear of God in you.”

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