Light Observation #1


  1. 2:30 PM, January 31, 2013, Second Floor Classroom in Roosevelt
  2. The classroom lights are off. ¬†Sunlight from outside is the only source of light shining into the room, aside from the little bit of fluorescent light shining through the classroom’s door window. A cloud moves in front of the sunlight changing its down from a bright amber to a shade of gray.
  3. The transition from bright sunlight to gray hidden light as a result of a cloud changes the entire atmosphere of the classroom. The sun is no longer shining it’s rays through the window filling the classroom with bright happiness. In contrast, the room has become old and weary almost looking as if suddenly, the class has been thrown into a black and white movie. The light comes from the right side of the room casting a dark shadow on the left side of the Professors face. making her less inviting and more reserved, no longer a friend but an authority. Suddenly, the excitement of a new semester beginning has been replaced by the tiresome weariness of the end of last semester.

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