Light Observation 7

1) Feb  26, ~2:00 AM; my room

2) My roommate’s and my pink Christmas lights.

3) I woke in a daze when my roommate returned to our room in the middle of the night. I was very confused and don’t remember why I got out of bed, but I do remember seeing the room entirely in pink light. My roommate and I both have pink Christmas lights strung across our room so that one can sleep while the other can see. I remember that everything was pink–my roommate’s face and clothes were both pink. In addition, we have a lot of pink objects in our room that popped and were enhanced from the entirely pink light. We have two large rugs on our floor that are deep pink. It was disorienting; in my sleepy daze I wasn’t sure which way was up. The lack of differentiation between the floor, walls, and ceiling did not help.

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