Lighting Observation

Date: 1/30/2016 Time: 8:42 p.m. Location: Constitution parking lot

Objective Description: The sun has already gone down and it was dark out. The parking lot was illuminated solely by the the orangey  street lights. The light I was standing under is broken and flickering randomly.

Subjective Description: Being alone in a parking lot is kind of sketchy to begin with, but as I was approaching the flickering light, my feelings began to intensify. The dark night mixed with the unpredictability of the street light made me anxious and a little fearful. Having light in the dark makes me feel safe and relying entirely on the street light to keep me safe (so to speak) was terrifying, especially because it was so unreliable. The lighting gave off an ere vibe, similar to that of a horror movie. That association is why the lighting affected my emotions so strongly.

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