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Light Observation 4 B

1.) 2/24/11- 9 pm ish- Spiced (India- Thai Restaurant)

2.) Where we were sitting, at a table near the bar, there were pale red and blue wall lights that were also on the under side of the bar, but at the front of restaurant there were regular yellow house lights. So, my lighting moment was this effect of the two lights on my fiance’s face, half of it was lit as you would normally expect but the other was an odd reddish- violet color lit from below and any time he moved his hand it was blue. As well as a blue halo of sorts back lighting him.

3.) The effect of the light on his face was so awkward and uncomfortable! Well, really it was amusing because half his face was epically lit with this reddish violet light and then the other half was so normal! Plus, his “hot spots” were on the underside of his jaw and his nose because the light came from below; yet there was enough fill in the room so as to not cast any shadows. It was such an unfortunate lighting design moment for this restaurant!