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Lighting Observation

Date: 27th of March, Complete works Dress rehearsal, back stage.

Objective Description: Single light behind the globe set in the centre.

Subjective description: Amongst the madness of the back stage rush, with shadows flitting this way and that, never standing still, there was a beam of light left in peace. No shadows crossed it, no panic reached it. It was an island of clam amongst the chaos, a constant sign of serenity to steady the nerves and focus the mind.

Lighting Observation 4

Date: 2/18/2016 Time: 8:15 p.m. Location: Backstage of Blackbox during As You Like It

Objective Description: The backstage area is black, walls to curtain. The only light shining is coming from small lights every four feet or so. The light shines like a sort of spotlight would onto a run crew member’s face.

Subjective Description: Emily, the run crew member standing under the light, is partially facing the curtain and I’m looking at her face almost in profile. The light that she is directly under creates shadows on her face that accentuate her features. Her nose looks smaller and I noticed a bump on her head due to the dark shadows. This lighting made her look like a completely different person and transformed all of her features. She also looked kind of frightening because all of the surrounding areas around her eyes were pitch black and large.