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Lighting Observation #2

When & Where: Febuary 7th, 2018 / Constitutiuon, 3rd Flood, Bathroom

Objective Description: The shower stall is small and fits just one person. The stall has one fluorescent tube light above it that would normally be on, but the bulb was out. The only sources of light for the stall was provided by the other ceiling light above the other shower stall. The entire stall was covered in shadow except for just the light breaking through from top of the stall.

Subjective Description: Being within the stall felt like hiding away. The shade gave me a sense of comfort, as if it were a spot made just for me to relax. The added light from the top of the stall made it seem like my only connection to the outside, making my corner all the more fun to be in.

The Bathroom and Solace of Animalism

  1. Location: Lawrence T. Hubert School of Comm men’s bathroom, February 7, 2017 at 2:40 pm.
  2. Objective: Tungsten lights are glaring down against white walls, coventry grey stands, and smooth plaster toilets. They reflect against a mirror attop of a similar white sink.
  3. Subjective: When thinking about the bathroom, I always think about Stanley Kubrick and his usage of lavatories. When in the bathroom, we are usually at our most vulnerable, as “Kubrick’s work is primarily concerned with the havoc, comedy, terror, and chaos unleashed by the animals in human heads” (Westerman). The bathroom allows Kubrick to display the animalistic nature that coincides or conflicts with the modern era.

As the light is reverberates through the bathroom, their can almost be a tense isolation felt below the glaring tungsten. However, there is also a peace of being alone in the bathroom, where there are no other types of distracting lights. These two ideas conflict with the ideas of dignified civility against a need for animalistic rebellion.


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