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Light Observation 1

1) 1/31/13, 11:00 A.M. Walking to class near Playhouse

2) The sun was behind me casting a shadow. A female student in front of me was wearing gold sequin covered boots. The boots reflected the suns light over my shadow with each step in a circular area of little specs of light.

3) Every time the student took a step the sun shimmered off her boots and onto the ground. As I was walking I noticed I conformed to her pace, keeping her footsteps inside my shadow. The way each sequin of the boots made the light dance across the ground and in contrast with my dark shadow gave me a feeling of excitement. Each footstep had a different pattern of the reflected light and I became almost enticed by the reflections. It was something so simple, but it made me think about what the sun was doing and how I was the only one who paid any attention to it.