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Light Observation 3

  1. Wednesday, February 15th; 5:00 PM; Precision Urgent Care, Mineola
  2. Bright white fluorescent lighting
  3. I was sitting in the doctor’s office at urgent care, waiting for the doctor to come in and examine my jaw. The light made me feel very anxious, like I was somewhere far away from the warmth of home. It was warm in the office, but the light made it feel colder. I was filled with the desire to leave and go home, but the light made me feel like there was no escape. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to calm down and get away from the harshness of the light for a while.

Light Observation1- Week 6

1.) 3/7/11, 10:05am, doctors office
2.) Objective: The fluorescent lights of the doctors office making glares off the lamenated posters on the wall.
3.) Subjective: Looking around the doctors office and seeing the glare from the sun and the fluorescent lights hitting the lamenated posters on CPR. Caught my eye!