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Light Observation #9

1.) Sitting outside Bill of Right, 10 P.M. 4/12/2018

2.) The moon was out and I was relaxing with some friends, two of which were smoking at the time. They were using a very smoke intensive thing so the fumes floated and stayed in the air since there was no wind. These fumes went so far into the air that it went in front of the warm light of a street light.

3.) The way that the smoke went in front of the light it added a gorgeous haze to the light pushing though it. It made the feeling of sitting in a sauna or hot springs where everything has become vapors and you just see the light push through. It made a relaxed feeling wash over you from the way the light was diffused even more to make it seem it was even later than it was mixed with the grey.

Light Observation 12

1) 4/25/13, 12:15 AMĀ In front of the Emily Lowe quad

2) A pitch black sky. The moon shines through, a small blue ring of sky around it. It looks hazy and fuzzy, almost distorted.

3) Stepping off the unispan I looked up into the sky, wish I was back in Connecticut so I could see at least one star in the night sky. I just saw black. Complete darkness. It was kind of disheartening. I started walking toward Lowe and looked up again right by the quad. Just over the playhouse I saw a sliver of light, but it obstructed. I maneuvered around slightly until I could see it. The moon acting as the only thing in the sky. It wasn’t bright, or happy, or hopeful. It was just there. It was a dull moon, obscured slightly by something that gave it a hazy effect. There wasn’t much emotion to it at all. So why did it stick with me? Because I was expecting to have emotion from it, but didn’t. But then, does lack of emotion count as portraying a feeling? Can you influence someone into feeling nothing? Dull? Flat?