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Lighting Observation #10 – Bedside Lamp

  1. Date: 4/20/18, Time: about midnight, Location: my bedroom
  2. I am doing some work on my laptop and decide to put on my bedside lamp. I rarely use it, but it emits a warm light.
  3. My bedside, usually enveloped in cold and unnatural light from the TV, is illuminated by the lamp sitting on the nightstand. Most of the time, it sits as a prop for decoration, but its use of light is reliable whenever necessary.

Light Observation #6

1.) My room in my apartment, Uniondale NY. 3/6/18 @ 8pm.

2.) While filling my pod with insulin, the light from the lamp was directly behind the vile of insulin in my line of sight. Inside the vile a vertical lazer like light appeared. It was a deep amber and very warm.

3.) The lazer beam was like a powerful energy force trapped inside a container waiting to be released to wreak havoc. It was so bright it hurt to look at for long periods of time. It could be a heat source to warm up a cold room in the winter, or a electric bolt for a super weapon as well.

Lighting Description #2

Location: Emily Lowe 2nd Floor 8:50 am in our classroom.

In our classroom there was a lamp placed on the desk in the front left corner. The first two windows in the room have their blinds closed the following windows are pulled up to about three quarters. The lights are all off except the lamp and the projection of jelly fish. The light from the lamp is a warm yellow. The lamp lights up the top corner of the desk but creates a shadow on the floor immediately close to the desk. The light makes a 90 degree angel with the outside being light and the inside being a shadow. The walls are hit with much lower intensity than the desk and it washes over everything in the room. My skin is ever so slightly yellowed by the light.

The light creates a mysterious mood. It reminds me of a lone street lamp on a dark street. Or a light from stranger things. I think the light has a retro feel because the lamp is using bulbs from the the 70’s and 80’s. I can picture a room with this lone lamp in a movie about Aliens and the light would flicker as the Alien approaches the room.

Lighting Observation #4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Feb 21st, 12am, my room.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: One of my roommates has her desk light on across the room.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Darkness…almost. One sliver of bright to keep me awake. As I try to drift off I can sense the light from across the room. It bounces from wall to wall crawling up trying to bathe the entire room in light. I’d like to snuff out that light. It’s orange glow keeps me awake as I try my hardest to relax and sleep. Any other time this light would be welcome, would be relaxing but right now there’s only one word for it: annoying.

Light Observation

  1. Monday 2/20/17 around 9:00 pm
  2. There is a lamp on top of a night stand in the corner of the room shining bright.
  3. I was relaxing on my bed either on my phone or laptop just lounging around and stressing about homework and going back to school. At this moment the ceiling light in our room is on. I turned it off and my sister decides to turn on the lamp in the corner. Suddenly I felt calmer and at ease. My problems were not solved but it was fascinating to see the change of my mood when the light in the room changes. Since it was a little light and it was in the corner it made the room dim. The light from the lamp was very bright only in the spot it was in. Looking at the bright light illuminating brighten up the mood and observing how the further away I was from the light makes me feel comfortable and sleepy.

Lighting Observation #1

1st of February, 11pm, my dorm.

Light rays from the back of a lamp hitting the wall at an angle, distorting the shape of the rays, creating an interesting interlocking polygon pattern, contrasting the harsh light of the lamp.

Spear like shapes climbing the wall from my desk and covering my bed, causing a sense of dread to grow within as sleep and comfort are pushed farther from me, replaced by harsh light and chains climbing the walls around me.

Lighting Ob #9

  1. 4/12/2016, 2:40pm, My dorm room
  2. Objective: Light coming in from the window ass well as the light supplied by the 5-bulb lamp in my room
  3. Subjective: The feel of the lighting is warm and calm but also mixed with a tinge of dullness. The warm light is coming from the lamp where it gives off a yellow/amber color that gives the room a warm feeling. The light from outside is much more dull because of the rain that happened earlier. It’s still quite cloudy outside so the light is more gray with small streaks of white light.

light observation

1) March 15th – 7:15 am

2) The sunrise is shining through my window, illuminating my lamp, which was turned on as I woke up before sunrise, and the shadow of the lamp on the wall is interesting because it’s one of those multiple-bulb lamps with only a few bulbs on at a time, so like, some of the shadow is brighter than the other part of it, because it’s a shadow from the sun, but the light of the lamp illuminates it, and also, the light of the lamp is fluorescent white light, whereas the sun is throwing a very yellow/gold hue on the wall.

3) Well what I think is cool subjectively about this is that it’s kind of almost like a section of the wall as it was before the sun rose, being preserved into the daytime. Ignoring the fact that the sunlight is indeed reflecting off of everything and also passing through the translucent parts of my lamp, it’s kind of like a cut section of the wall from an earlier time – cause the sunlight isn’t affecting it, but the lamp light still is, whereas all around it, the sun is bright enough to not be able to see the lamp light at all affecting the wall. So that’s cool. I guess the emotion I’d put there is like, determined, like, the lighting itself from the early morning is determined to preserve itself through the day. Until, well, I turn off my lamp, I guess.

Lighting Ob #2

  1. 2/3/2016, 3:09 pm, My dorm room
  2. Objective Description: The only light on in my room at the moment is a lamp with multiple heads
  3. Subjective Description: the light from this lamp comes off as a very warm and serene light. The normal lights in our rooms are very bright, harsh florescent lights that we try to avoid as often as possible. The lamp also has different colored shells for each light bulb which contribute to the warm and relaxed feeling of the light.

Light Observation 8

1) Feb 24, ~7:00 PM; my room

2) My lamp reflected on my wall

3) Both my lighting observations are in my room this week, but what can I say? It’s all I’ve seen since I’ve been sick. It was dark and I had turned on all of my artificial lights in my room (not the overhead lights because I, too, hate fluorescent light). I was on my bed reading when I noticed that, interestingly, my floor lamp made an interesting image of itself in a pseudo-reflection on the wall. The lamp has a gray base with five white shades. The light from bulbs was bright against the wall, and their light causes the base to cast a shadow against the wall. The colors of the light and the shadow match that of the actual object, and so mimic a reflection. I had to get out of my bed and observe the wall to see if it was actually reflective (it’s not)– it was an interesting optical illusion!