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Light Observation #12

1) 4/24/13, 11:54pm, my dorm room

2) My computer shining while sitting on my bed.

3) As I reentered my room from an excursion outside, I knew the darkness would be a shock. I didn’t want to turn on the light and wake my roommate. When I opened the door, I saw a strange, ethereal glow emitting from my bed, hidden behind my wardrobe. It turned out to be my computer. I am not normally a person who appreciates unnatural light, but the way the computer lit the whole room, albeit dimly, in a calm, even light was comforting.

Lighting Observation 3

1) 2012-02-16 10:17 PM, inside the design studio, Lowe 216.

2) Lee’s laptop illuminated her face, the colors shifting changing as she browsed various websites.  She was slightly backlit by the glow from the lightbox.  The rest of the lights were off while Katie traced her figures on the light box in the corner.

3)  It’s weird to see how attached everybody is to their laptops.  We don’t even need the ambient light any more, we lock ourselves to an illuminated keyboard and screen, plug in the headphones—one doesn’t even need anything else.  I look around the room, everyone is either hunched over their drafting table trying to peer through the low light, or staring into a computer screen, their eyes tracking back and forth. In the dark, each screen-person becomes it’s own self-contained environment, a sort of isolated ecosphere in the darkness.  I look across and see Lee among them, browsing something online.  She remains almost completely still while images continue to shift before her, the light from the screen changing every few seconds.  Greens.  Blue.  Grey.  Red.  Bright.  Dark.  Hot.  Cold.  Her hair picks up the tones in various combinations.  One minute “Atomic Turquoise” pops bright, another second “After Midnight Blue” has ignited on her temples.  Katie is done and the lights are turned back on.  The studio returns to it’s dull fluorescent and students return to their work.  The life of the color in the room is washed away, lost in the banality of low-cost illumination.

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