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Lighting Observation: 4/15

Date: 4/10/16

Time: 2:30 pm

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York; The Sackler Wing

Objective Description: The natural light from the sun streamed through the clear-glass panel windows, illuminating the entire room.

Subjective Description: Rays of sunlight glisten across a pool of blue water. Ripples run through the serene edge with reflections waverting…colonies of coins and wishes lost. Artifacts of an ancient Egyptian life, living once more. The radiating heat from the sun’s convection beats against the yellow-colored bricks beckoning an ancient burial tomb. A real-life recreation of what it may have looked like in its prime place of origin. The room felt warm just by looking at it. History is alive.

Lighting Observation 11

1) 2012-04-21 — 1:00ish PM, At the Temple of Dendur inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

2) Sunlight streaming through the large window illuminating a 2000 year old temple reconstructed inside the museum.

3) Walking through the Met for the first time in my life was an amazing experience.  Travelling through thousands of years of art across every continent, every inch of the planet.  I wandered alone, with no direction, no rhyme or reason to where I was headed or what I wanted to see next.  The light levels changed every time I moved on.  Most rooms were dim, protecting the most valuable prints from fading in harsh light.  The baroque sections were downright dark with deep lacquered panelsand little illumination.  I turned the corner. I don’t even remember where I had been, but right before me stood the last thing I expected—800 tons of sandstone in all its glory.  The window behind seems to be at a slight angle and fills the entire wall.  Pure sunshine filled the room, the stone positively glowing under the light.  The pool surrounding the building reflected some of the light, dancing on the statues that stood guard of the temple.  With no idea this thing even existed, the sudden brightness, the sudden openness, and the simple fact that there was a damn Egyptian building in front of me literally stopped me in my tracks.