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Lighting Observation #8

  1. 9:00 PM March 19th, 2013 – Room 314A Hague
  2. The orange-amber street line is shining through the raindrops on my window.
  3. As I laid down to take a quick nap before studying I looked at my closet door. A big orange square of light was there. The light was textured from the raindrops against the window. I laid there listening to Bon Iver watching the rain drops trickle down the window pane. Their shadows looked like shooting stars moving in slow motion. The way each drop wriggled it’s way down the window, the shadows left a long dark path behind them on my closet door. The square became distorted. It was in a constant state of melting away. The rain created a moving gobo for the light from the street lamp. As the box melted and the music played I fell into a melancholy daze. I began to doze off, the moving lights working as a visual metaphor to the uneasy changes my future faces.