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Light Observation #12

1) 4/25/2013, 11:46PM, Outside Republic Hall/the Wellness Center

2) The Health and Wellness Center sign is lit. In two distinct locations on the sign, the lights that are keeping it lit are flickering. One is on the top border slightly to the left (if looking directly at it), and the other is in the bottom right corner.

3) The flickering lights gives the sign a 3-dimensional quality, a waving quality as if it was swaying or moving in the wind. The rhythm of the lights projects this quality on the sign. The timing of the lights blinking on and off and on and off makes the sign seem as though it is moving, creating a simple pattern and beat to the “waving” of the sign. It was almost musical in the way it moved to the flickering of the lights.

Light Observation #8

1) 3/19/2013, 8:19Am, Republic Hall Room 208

2) Against my window blinds, shadows are cast by the trees and lamppost outside my room. Those are joined by the silhouette of the middle bar of  the window.

3) On my window blinds, a landscape is painted. Simply by looking at the form of the shade, a whole idea of the world beyond is formed. The shadows plant thoughts in one’s head. Each shade could be one thing, or something else entirely. The world past that window is a mystery, but the shadows tease and tantalize us, making us guess as to what could be casting them.