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Lighting Observation #12

1. On Portion Road 5/1/2014 @ around 11:00.

2. A blue flash of lighting that lit up a dark sky with a array of house lights below it.

3. One of the many marvels of light comes from vicious thunderstorms. On my way home from a show, It began to rain. The pitch black sky suddenly became darker. However, there were moments where lighting would light up the sky and the road in front of me. The black sky suddenly became light blue in an instant. This vivacious streak of blue spanned all across the sky, beaming all across the skyline. When these beautiful strikes of light  occur, it makes the world below it glow with radiance for a brief moment. It was a stunning sight to see this wonder of nature illuminate the sky.

Light Observation 4

1) February 18th, 2014 on the Hempstead Turnpike around 8:30 PM

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Driving back from the Emergency Room, I noticed the light streaming from a stoplight.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In my sick state of mind, it seemed to me like my vision was enhanced. The congestion had caused my eyes to become watery, through which all light was heightened. I noticed in particular, one stoplight, with its tricolor, ever changing light. As the light switched from red to green, I noticed the beams of light streaming out from all around the source. The green light pierced through the cold, dead night, like a light crown around the circular lamp. In the background there danced beams of light coming from all of the street lamps, the harsh orange color with which we are all too familiar. The scene was beautifully painted in my mind: the colors of night on a busy highway.