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Light Observation

  1. 3/16/17, 10:30, behind Enterprise Hall
  2. A Hummer had a string of LED lights on the roof of the car, shining light on all surrounding objects.
  3. I walk past a long line of cars, but one stands out in particular. I see a large car to my left illuminating the night sky. This hummer had a string of LED lights completely covering the roof of the car. The bright blues and reds lit up the surrounding area, reflecting off of the snow and other cars. This created an odd colorful glow to the usual mundane light of the moon.

Light Observation

Time: 11:45 pm Thursday, my room

Objective Description: My room was lit only by the string lights on my bed posts and the dim lights from the lamps outside.

Subjective Description: I had turned off the overhead light in my room, and slowly my eyes adjusted to the darkness, only to find it wasn’t darkness at all. I left the blinds open, so a small amount of light from the lampposts and the occasional car driving by outside lit my room up just enough. The light shining through my window lit up the back wall with blurry spots of gentle, yellow light. That paired with the tiny fairy string lights on my bed posts made the room look very cozy and almost magical. It was nice to end the night on a positive note, sitting quietly in the peace of the semidarkness.