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Light Observation

1) Southern state parkway
2) Wednesday at noon
3) The relection off the of the guys made it impossible. The sun was strong as ever in the reflection. It made me feel rage because I was incapable of stopping its power.

1) Home: Bedroom window
2) Sun
3) The sunrise was magnificent at approximately 7 A.M. The sun peeked from below the sky. There was a red hue streaked across. Gave the feeling and visual of dominance of sun. Almost as if a trap is bein

bright,vibrant,saturated pic


2) Came from google images of a digital photography contest.

3) I really liked the bright, vibrant colors of this cityscape. I really love to look at city skylines and with all the bright colors of this one it just immediately jumped out at me. I love how bright and alive the place looks and how you can see individual blocks of color/light pop out of the high buildings. I also really liked how the water reflects the colors on the water and striking each color and line is, everything is very defined and precise looking. Each color stands out and grabs your attention. On the side of the picture you can see what seems to be a restaurant/ bar area that just radiates onto the water line. The colors are so bright, and saturated its as bright as day in this city.

1st lighting observation

1) Feb. 11th – 11:42 a.m – Suffolk Hall, lounge area: I was in the lounge area on the 3rd floor of Suffolk Hall when I had my lighting “moment.”

2) The light that came in the window from the mid morning sun. The windows have been decorated with paint and the shadow of the letters was readable on the floor below the window.

3) As I was doing some reading for class on Friday in the lounge area on the 3rd floor of Suffolk hall I noticed that the painted letters on the decorated window were being cast onto the floor by the sunlight that shone in from the middle window facing out onto campus. The sun was very bright in the mid morning of the day and I didn’t need to turn a light on to read. Each floor has a suite that was converted into a lounge this year and our lounge has a balloon theme specifically from the movie “UP.” We were also able to write on the windows with paint and on one of the windows it reads,”How about that 3rd floor.” The sun was shinning so brightly into the lounge that morning that the letters from the window were cast onto the floor in front of me when I walked into the room. The shadow of the letters were very defined because of the strength of the sun and I thought it looked really cool to have the letters cast on the floor. The whole room was lit from just the one source and anything that got in its way, such as the painted letters cast this nice defined shadow.

Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: Outside my bedroom, toward sunrise.

Theme: Sun

Description: in the morning the sun does a magical thing. The suns light is barely shining, this light is however casting up toward the blue sky. This in turn is casting a blue shadow at the top of the snow and houses. The sun is also casting brightly toward the sky. This layered sky goes from blue to white to orange. The background sky has a glowing quality and makes me feel cheerful. To complete the picture there is the silhouette of the trees and tops of the houses. This scale like effect feels like they are trying to break through past the sun.

Light Observation 2 B

1.) 2/11/11- 7:00 am ish- My living room

2.) Amber sunlight streaming through the window onto a painting

3.) Half asleep I stumble upon a sun beam streaming through my living room window, a happy amber alighting petals of silk sunflowers and concentrating on a poetically tragic funeral painting. The usual gray, blue oil paints come alive in the amber sun, the bitter, perpetual chill of snow and sorrow melt away as the warmth and comfort snuggly wrap them in its radiating arms. Meanwhile the artificial light of news tells stories of coldness and tragedy, playing on a loop just shy of the sun’s warmth.

Light Osbervation 2 A

1.) 2/11/11- 7:55 am- Quad outside Bits and Bytes

2.) Sunlight on bare tree branches, only the upper half is lit the bottom branches are still in shadow

3.) The lit tips of these branches reflect a golden light, a magical light as only a small portion of the whole tree is highlighted by the sunrise. The highlights of gold in the branches are like golden wands, a golden tree of life, reaching into the skyline, reaching into a world beyond. The bare bones of the tree transform from

Photo Observation

2) Taken in a backyard in California.

3) Sun theme.

4) Its interersting that the sunlight drowns some of the edges of the tree. The light blinds the background of the corner of the photo as well as the some of the gaps in the tree. The sunlight actually reflects off of object and beams the portion of the tree not actually facing the sun. By drowning out some of the gaps and kind of blinding our view of the corners, it causes us to focus on the rest of the tree and below it. Also we get to focus on the darker oranges towards the top center.

Photo Observation 2

2) Taken on vacation in Turks and Caicos on the beach.

3) Sun

4) This was taken on the beach, it was not as dark as it actually seems in the picture, although this was a great golden hour.  It seems like the rays are popping out from all around the cloud because it cannot be contained.  The picture has almost a biblical or a fictional look to it.

Light Observation 2, week 2

1) 12:00am 2/4/11- Dounkin Doughnuts parking lot

2) One car was there with frost on it user a lone flickering light.

3) In walking by the Dounkin Doughnuts in the parking lot there was one light in the middle and it was shining down on one last car in the lot.  The car had been sitting there for a while because it was all frosted over.  It gave a irrie feeling like you do not know what is going to happen next.  The areas behind the Dounkin Doughnuts was not lit and a few times you could see shadow figures moving back and forth.  The light was reflecting off the frost on the windows so you could not see who was in the car if their was someone in there at all.