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“Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated” Photo Observation


2) Kids Blog

3) THEME: Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

4) DESCRIPTION: Nearly all of the colorfulness and vibrantness  is radiating directly from the main light source which is various glow sticks. The photo is time elapsed which allows for the streaking and fluidity of the photo. The reason I choose this photo is because the colors immediately stick out to you and draws you in. Which I feel vibrant, colorful, and or saturated light should do.

Photo Observation, Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

2) some asian person’s flickr

3) Vibrant Colorful Saturated

4) This is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. It is simply filled with rich colors. The light is radiating through the tree bringing out so many reds, oranges, and yellows. The colors appear full of life somehow and are so vivid. In contrast to the tree, there are beautiful tones of green on the right side of the picture. Again, they seem full of life and are dripping with color. Even the pond has taken on a green reflection adding to the prevalent green. Wherever this place is, I want to be there. It seems so peaceful and serene, yet is full of breathtaking life and beauty. The photo creates a happy, warm feeling coupled with the calm of a garden or shrine.