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Photo Observation 4

2) I took this photo at a car show.

3) Theme: Modeling

4) I chose this picture for modeling because I really liked how the light shines on the car to show off all of its curves.  I found it interesting how these kinds of events are lit because the light is really bright so that you can see the cars shine in their perfection and beauty.  It seems contradictory because normally you would use lower light to hide imperfection but in this case they are trying to show off all of the fancy curves and overall flow of the cars.  I picked this car in particular because of its numerous amounts of curves and the particular glimmers of light that reflect off the car to expose these individual curves.  When I looked at this picture I immediately thought of how a cylinder is lit and how, like we discussed in class curved surfaces reflect light in a very specific way so that we can identify it is 3D even in a 2D picture.  The other thing I found interesting about this picture is that the hood is a consistent color, white for that matter and the light is really bright. (Minimal shadows)  Despite these factors you can still see that there is dimension to the hood and there are curves within it.  It  seems to me that the highlights of light on the car are making the car seem 3D rather than the shodows.

Light Observation 1 (Week 4)

1)   2/21/11- 1:30 am- My Dorm Room at night.

2)   The light from a laptop shining on my roommates face at night and changing intensities.

3)   This lighting moment seemed like a given, considering I witness it every night but for some reason I never realized the interesting nature of this kind of light until now.  The light from the laptop shines on my roommates face just like when you sit around a campfire late at night and all you can see is the other people’s faces glowing in the blackness.  In this moment the light is white and it changed intensities constantly depending on what is on the screen.  It is a spooky kind of light nonetheless just like the campfire light.  The fact that it only glows on his face and nothing else is also a factor in the mysterious aspect of this light.  The changing intensities, similar to a strobe light at some points also creates a scary feeling because there are split seconds where everything goes dark and you never know what will light up next. (A sudden change of expression from happy to crazy)  This light is also very dynamic and creates really deep shadows.  These shadows in conjunction with everything else also contribute to the overall frightening sensation of this light.  It is amazing where you find some of the most fascinating light.