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Photo observation 3 (Modeling)

I chose this picture because it uses lighting to not only accentuate the shape of the ring, but goes farther into using the shadows created by the ring and book to create a heart shadow below.

Lighting observation 6

Where: My house

When: Feb 21

The electricity went out temporarily this past weekend, so we were using candles for light. The image of a small room lit only by candles brings an interesting yet unsettling sensation of not knowing what is happening near by and what you do see is warped by the candle light, making it look unnatural.

Photo Observation- Week 4

2) My photos of the Ivana Helsinki fashion show

3) Modeling

4) The lighting of the show added to the actual modeling and characteristics of the models themselves. The lighting made the models look taller, thin and brought of more of the features of the clothes the models were wearing. As well as the literal modelling that the girl is doing.

Lighting observation 5

Where: My room

When: Feb 21 2011

I have a tree tapestry in my room that takes up a whole wall. Today, the fan in the roomwas blowing the tapestry, making it it ripple. the light from above was striking the tapestry creating shadows in the branches of the tree. This made the branches look more menacing and intimidating, while the shadows from the ripples in the moving tapestry made it look as if it were made of liquid instead of cloth

Light Observation 2- Week 4

1) 2/24/11, 2:23am, My room

2) Objective: The moonlight shining on my ceiling.

3) Subjective: As I’m laying in bed, completely in the dark and looking up at the ceiling, the moonlight has my attention. It shines through my closed blinds and on my ceiling. It’s so bright and luminous that I can’t turn away.It draws my attention in a room so dark that all I see is the light. It turns a dark room into a bright cooling sensation.

Light Observation 1-Week 4

1)2/23/11, 3;17am, Room 1408 Enterprise

2)Objective: Looking out the window at the all the lights of the city.

3) Subjective: Late night but early morning light descends upon the sky and the city lights gleam. Looking out the window at all the colors and lights mixing together to create a bright and beautiful view. It has an ambience all its own.

2nd Light Observation Week 4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/24/11 Dorm Hall way

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Fluorescent light in a dark hall way

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION:As I walked to my dorm room the lights in the hall began to flicker. It was well past sundown and with each flicker the darkness appeared to get thicker and longer. I felt like I was in an abandoned hospital wing in a horror film. Needless to say I ran to my room.

1st Light Observation Week 4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/23/11 Speigal Theatre

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Kolb trying to turn the house lights of for a movie

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As the different sets of lights flickered on and off, the movements were seemed fluid and organized. It was almost like the lights were following a rhythm of a song. They were a visual keeping the beat and time. As well as portraying the story.

“Modeling” Photo Observation


2) History Website

3) THEME: Modeling

4) DESCRIPTION: I felt that this photo was the perfect example of modeling. Although there aren’t many dramatic shadows, the subtle ones really help to define the form of this soldiers face. This is espcially apparent around his eyes. The curves and indents probably caused from intense fatigue are darkened and give his face form. This is what makes it such a striking photo.

Lighting Observation 4 A

1. 2/22/11 – About 9:30 pm – NAB Blackbox

2. Two fluorescent- ish flashlights moving around and shining on a bunch of actors very slowly walking  towards each other in blackout- flashlights only light source- during creepy monologue at rehearsal.

3. Royston wanted to play around with an idea for a specific monologue during rehearsal, it was very effective. There were these bodies slowly, steadily descending on the actor speaking and the only light in the entire space was coming from these two harsh lights that kept moving about, sometimes all you could see was feet, other times a full face and sometimes the light became so harsh on someone’s face they looked distorted. Actually they all looked distorted in this freakish light. At times only a part of the face would be modeled or backlit and the shiftiness of the light put us all on edge. It was at once very cool, and rather terrifying.