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Lighting Observation for 3/4

Where: philadelphia, pa

When: Sun, Feb 27th

Objective: Looking down the center of a long stairwell, and the lower levels of the staircase were not well lit

Subjective: This was a very daunting feeling as it looked as if I would be traveling into a black hole, or at least into the unknown. Looking back up however, it had the opposite effect.

Photo Observation- Nightlife

This photo was taken at an electronic music event in brooklyn. You can almost feel the energy of the crowd despite mostly seeing only their hands/arms. The lights in the background bath the background in a red glow that to me seem to accentuate the excitement and passion of the crowd.

Photo Observation: Nightlife


Theme:  Nightlife

Description:  This is a picture of a boy holding sticks up to his head as if they were antlers.  I chose this photo because I thought it was very silly and a good example of the childish things you can do at night when no one is looking.  It made me think of a secret life one might lead only in the cover of the night.  I like that you can see the horizon and a bit of a city in the distance in front of the boy.