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Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: One of my friends old photo projects, friend against bed

Theme: Sad

Description: In this picture, the model is contemplating with a blank expression. For me what makes his mood is the lighting only covering one face with a one dimensional color off white. This gives the depressing feeling from the sunlight, witch is usually a positive with vibrant happiness.

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Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Thursday Mrch 17th, 2011; 10:00 PMish, in a garage

Objective Description: Single light in garage corner

Subjective Description: on my journey to retrieve plastic cups from the garage I became intrigued by a lighting moment. The single light in the corner of the garage made a mysterious and curious effect. It was indeed the destination of my conquest but I was frightened of what the outcome would be due to the mystical effect.


Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Monday March 12th, 2011; 10:59PMish, a friends house

Objective Description: multiple phones being charged in the night

Subjective Description: as all the lights are off in my friends kitchen, the only light emitting was from the multiple phones reminding the world of its power by the red lights located on their top. As all 4 phones charge they light on and off never being lit at the same time. this gave a fire fly effect, but instead of green, with a passionate fiery glow.

Light Observation 7B

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/17/11; 7:15PM; Outside Emily Lowe Gallery

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light from Emily Lowe creates shadow on ground from large tree

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It was slowly becoming dark outside.  The evening building lights had already turned on.  The shadow on the sidewalk from the tree created a lonely feeling because it was the only thing on the ground that was dark.

Light Observation 7A

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/11/11; 11:30PM; Charlotte, North Carolina

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Blue architectural lighting shines up all four sides of a tall skyscraper

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It was dark outside as we walked the streets of Charlotte.  The tall skyscraper was shooting into the sky.  The lights from the ground ran all the way up the four corners.  It made the building feel as though it went straight up to the heavens.  It seemed much taller than it actually was.

Photo Observation

From “The Bet Pictures of the Noughties,” on

3) THEME: Sad

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this scene is very dismal. It is a pretty solid wash that illuminates most of the people in the picture equally, which only adds to the uniformity emphasized by their clothing. The picture looks like a dark mass of grey with human faces periodically poking out. In the center, the brightest point in the image is gunfire. While usually the bright spark in the dark represents some kind of hope, in this image it is the light created by a bullet being fired. The fire coming from the gun reflects the anger with which the bullet is flying forward.

Sad Photo


2) Google images, sadness

3) Sad Pic 🙁

4) This picture is quite sad. The light is washed out and pale, the water is disturbed by the droplets blurring the reflections and the light. The prominent black umbrella with the lonely girl create a strong dark center focus in contrast to the pale light around it. The light shifts from darker to lighter as you look from left to right. The water on the left of the girl is dark, and light on the right. The dichotomy of light creates a natural “broken” and sad feeling. And the girl is obviously upset that her clothes are wet and muddy.

Lighting Observation 2

1) MARCH 12th, 2011, Outside the Blake Hotel in Charlotte

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun is shining down through the glass ceiling, which is circular and has a metal patter in it. Because of this, the ground has dark shadows criss-crossing between the bright patches of sunlight.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This lighting reminds me of being a child. The darkness where the beams are above create paths on the ground that I want to walk down like a balance beam, and the pools of light are bright, and invite me to jump from pool to pool, avoiding the dark “cracks” lest I break my mother’s back.

Journal Entry

1) March 17th, 2:20, Royston’s office

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Royston only has a desk lamp on. It is lighting up his face so that his silhouette is projected against the wall.
3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The shadow of Royston is very definite. I can see the shape of his face and his mouth moving. It is hard to pay attention to what he is saying because his shadow is so fascinating. I want to trace it and make a Royston silhouette to hang up in my room.

Photo Observation 7




DESCRIPTION: The street is desolate in the rain.  The street lamp spills onto the sidewalk and the little water droplets pick up light in the process.  The benches are lonely because no one is sitting on them in the rain.  The high street lamps cast a perfect shadow of the slotted bench on the ground.