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mystery pic.


2) I found this picture through goggle images. The website was

3) Theme: mystery

4) I chose this picture to represent mystery because when I look at it I feel like I have questions as to where it was taken, what season it is and what’s going on around it etc. I really liked the moon in this picture. There is the full shape of the moon as well as the outline of a small crescent moon at the bottom which I found really interesting. I also really liked the color of the sky. It looks like layers of different shades of blue which I think is really pretty. Also I found the tree itself interesting and mysterious. I really like the twists and turns of the branches and the odd nature that some of them are in. I like how dark the tree is in the foreground of the picture as opposed to the blue sky. This picture is definitely mysterious to me and as well as interesting.

2nd lighting observation

1) April 3rd – 6:00 p.m – driving to Massapequa I had my second lighting moment.

2) While in the car I noticed the color of the sky. It consisted of different tones such as pink, blue, and purple.

3) When me and my two friends were driving to Massapequa on Sunday evening I noticed the sky. It had been a beautiful day and as it was getting later and the sky took on a sandy, “beachy” look to it. It was streaked with the colors pink, purple and blue. It reminded me of sand art that I used to play with when I was a kid. It was really pretty and it was only in a certain spot that it took on this look. I feel like it was a sky that you would see in the evening in a warm tropical place. It reminded me of vacation and the warmth that you feel at the end of a nice hot day lying on the beach.

1st lighting moment

1) April 3rd – 9:45 p.m – some where on the highway from Massapequa back to Hofstra on Sunday night I had my first lighting moment.

2) As I was in the car with some friends driving back to school I noticed on the side of the road a house that had colored lights projected onto the front of their house. The colors changed every couple of seconds and the house took on a new aurora.

3) I was struck when I was sitting in the passenger seat in my friends car when I saw on the right side of the highway a house that was flooded in the color red. Then it soon changed to purple, then amber. The entire front of the house was lit up and the look of the house seemed to take on a different aurora if you will with each color. The red made the house look creepy and gave off an intense feeling. The purple light made me think of cartoon characters or something, the light was very unnatural looking and therefore it led me to think that. The amber light made me think of sunlight or fall in a way. It was a pretty color and although, unnatural it looked the most natural of the other colors. I thought it was interesting that someone would chose to light their house in such a way, but to each their own I guess.