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Lighting Observation #1, Week of April 7th

Location: In booth in Blackbox; sometime during the day on Sunday, April 3rd.

Objective Description: The house lights or work lights (or both) are up in the theater, but the booth itself is dark. Light comes in through the window by the stage manager’s desk, at an interesting angle, and hits the far wall.

Subjective Description: Interesting. It was later in the day, and my mind was a bit fried after the better part of two days alone in a dark booth. I saw the light and thought “Ok, so I didn’t notice that yet.” Could I assign an emotion? I could try: uh – novelty. “Oh look, isn’t that nice. Moving on.”

“Dealer’s Choice” Photo Observation

2) Clay Enos
3) Dealer’s Choice / Creepy
4) DESCRIPTION: The moment I saw this picture it just looked so creepy and menacing. The way the light is so concentrated and how it falls on the objects and creates those dark intense shadows, just really gives you a sense of isolation .

Photo Observation, Hypnotic


2) This is from an exhibit in Denmark by Danish theorist and curator Lars Bang Larsen. A psychedelic light tunnel. Found on Copenhagen tourist site

3)Hypnotic, spellbinding, trance inducing

4) This is a light tunnel where you can walk through and experience crazy colors and moving lights. Something like this is just really hypnotic, it pulls you in and just overloads your brain with crazy sensations. Moving lights and also sounds apparently make this tunnel a serious visual stimulus and it is almost an illusion of sorts.

Lighting Observation 2 (Week 10)

1) Sunday, sometime during tech rehearsal, up on the grid adjusting focus

2) Lights coming from the stage lights during a refocus

3) So I was up on the grid during tech, going to focus some lights when I had my lighting moment. The work and house lights were off and everything was dark except for the glow coming out of each fixture that was on. In this case, most of the fixtures on were just the strips and created many small alternating pools of amber and blue light. The light spots were small but bright as they reflected somewhat off the grid itself. The whole scene was very quiet and relaxing with the spots of light scattered across the grid and the amber and blue dominating the color scheme. It was almost similar to the feeling right before a show opens, mysterious and exciting, with small points of light in the darkness illuminating the stage slightly.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 10)

1) Monday, 10PM, walking back to my room

2) Lights from the top of one of the towers

3) So I was walking back to my room at night when I noticed that the lights were on in some of the rooms in one of the towers in such a way that they looked like eyes and a mouth. The face kind of looked like a monkey’s face, with big grinning teeth and wide eyes. The dark night sky surrounded this “face” in the night making it seem very small compared to the vast empty sky around it. The fact that it looked like a smiling monkey was also very funny and whimsical and created a lighthearted and happy feeling. It was just strangely amusing to see this “face” high in the air looking over campus

Photo Observation: Dealer’s Choice

Theme:  Hopeful


I chose this picture because I think it’s pretty and I liked the way the light shone in front of the couple’s faces.  The feather and hair that’s back lit in the photo is also very nice looking, and I think invokes the feeling of hope and impending prosperity.



Lighting Observation 2, Week 10

When/Where:  Friend’s house, 11pm

Objective Description:  Dark room next to lighted room.

Subjective Description:  Because my friends have not recently bought light bulbs, much of their house is dark.  When I was sitting in their living room (dark) I looked into the dining room through a wide door way, which was lit up.  The contrast between the lighted room and the dark room looked very strange.  I felt like there were two different houses in the one house.  It gave me a kind of hopeful feeling- as if walking into the lighted room would bring me new opportunities and life.

Lighting Observation 1, Week 10

Where/ When:  Lower level of Memorial Hall, midday.

Objective Description:  Fluorescent-lit hallway.

Subjective Description:  The narrow hall was lit entirely from above with fluorescent lights, which gave it a whiteish yellow glow.  You could see a reflection of the lights on the tile floor all the way down the hall.  The hallway looked like it was going to go on forever, which gave it the feeling of a horror movie, when something bad is going to happen and you’d be chased down the hallway.  It was a very creepy hallway.


Lighting Observation

Where: My apartment

When: monday, early morning when it was still dark outside.

Objective: All the lights are off, and I turn the light in the hallway off but it takes a while to warm up.

Subjective: This is a very creepy and suspenseful lighting effect. When there is darkness all around and you are waiting for the only light to warm up, so all you can see is an outline of the things around you. It creates eerie shadows on the walls and furniture.

Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) I took this photo while on a cruise in Alaska.

3) Theme: Sad or reflective

4) I think this picture reflects a sad feeling.  I get from this picture that this person is reflecting on life, just thinking.  The sad quality seems to come from the bluish light that takes over the picture.  This picture seems so fake to me or set up.  The white light in the sky in contrast with the blue also contributes to the kind of inquisitive feel of the picture.  The light in this picture also kind of mutes everything including color and that also contributes to the sad or somber feel.  The lighting in this picture just represented sad to me.