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Light Observation #8

1. March 17 – 8:15AM – in the quad outside of Roosevelt

2. Early morning sunshine and fog

3. I was waiting in the quad Saturday morning waiting for ABP to open so I could get breakfast before tech. The sun had risen but was still in the early stages of light, where the light is really bright but still soft at the same time. Fog still hung in the air, but was thin enough to almost be mist. It clung to the trees, all abloom with pink flowers. When the wind blew, petals would fly with it. The sunlight was caught in the fog and seeped through the trees, creating a soft feeling, and having a very pretty effect. The entire area was bathed in this soft, bright white light, accented with equally as soft shadows from the tree. It was very tranquil, the epitome of a perfect spring morning.

Photo Observation #8


3. Spring!

4. Spring to me is very green. In southern Massachusetts, spring is one of the only times of the year when everything around us is alive. In the summer the grass tends to brown because we have mass water bans, in the fall the lawns are covered in falling leaves, and in the winter they are piled high with snow. Growing up, I’ve learned to appreciate the green of the grass while I can. I chose this picture because it reminded me of my sister and myself when we were younger on the first days of spring, when the weather has just started to warm up and everything around us has sprouted. I remember rolling around on the front lawn with my sister until we were covered in grass stains and we had been scolded until my mother’s voice was hoarse. The light in this picture is really bright, you can tell the sky is clear and cloudless. It adds a warmth to the picture that can only be found in the spring and summer. It is the perfect spring day.

Photo Observation 8, Lee Moore, SPRINGTIME!






















2. Photo from Flickr user CubaGallery


4. Spring is all about colors (Everything is about colors for me, but I digress). Spring is sunshine yellow, and lime green, hot pink and that perfect sky blue that you only see in springtime and in the crayola box. The astonishing brightness of this photo is what really makes it say Spring to me. The lightness overwhelms you, filling your chest with that tingling feeling you get when your emotions are too much for your words. The light catches the tops of daisies, poking out of the shadows of winter. The photo catches the butterfly as it flits off to new things. It has woken up, and has much to do, and much to see before this ephemeral season passes. The blue is just the color of that Florida water from spring break your senior year, and the green is the smell of grass pressed too close to your face that one time you swung high on the hammock and landed nose first on the lawn. The white is the sun blindness from the beach, and that orange. That orange is sunflowers, tangerines and the way your skin feels after laying on the quad under the sunshine. That feeling when the heat glows so bright on your skin that you could swear that you yourself was a sun. The first days of spring, when the crocuses and daffodils poke their brave noses out of the cold dirt. That starts the sparkles of your eyes. The colors are all the brighter for winter without them. Spring, and this photo, remind the heart that it can beat a little freer.