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Light Obsevation – Lee

1. 8.35 AM, Today, Walking to the student center

2. the flowers looked bright against the overcast sky looked grey

3. On my chilly way to class this morning, the sky was grey. Bright grey though, as if there was still hope of sunshine. It rained last night, all of the flowers and trees were covered in droplets. With the hope of sun shining down on them, they looked brighter than usual. the pinks were hotter, the reds more firey, and the tree greens more lizardy. This created beutiful, bright focus, before the bluish gey sky. Hope in a mundane day.

Photo Observation – #allofthefeelings – Lee Moore

2.Photo: Harbor Ducks, but Flickr User ‘Toshio”

3. #allofthefeelings

4. I have lived a lot of places. I have live a lot of lives. I often feel rather homeless. A bit adrift, that one balloon that has escaped the bunch and is floating off without tether.  The place I lived longest, the closest I have to “home” is my former city, Baltimore, Maryland. This photo of the Baltimore harbor is so bittersweet. The overcast sky, pockets of light and dark are my memories of home, This dark, overcast lonely sky makes my harbor beautiful in some ways, just as missing a place makes it more beautiful. The  light shines bright on the water of the harbor, disguising the filth underneath and in the background the bright green of flag-topped federal hill sticks out. The rains in the summer in Baltimore come when it is 85 degrees, the pavement steams, and it is a perfect summer thunderstorm. The kind where you stand outside in marvel of it, until lighting flashes and you have to dash back inside, hair dripping wet.  Everything Is two sided in Baltimore. Everything is both beautiful and ugly, Everything is both light and dark.

Light Observation #12

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Technically May 4th, sometime around 1 or 2am

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Trying to fall asleep, with the dim orange glow coming through my window, but my eyes closed, the lightning flashed, searing right through my eyelids.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I picked this moment mostly because of the contradiction to an earlier observation. When that light penetrated the thin layer of skin protecting some rather important organs, I nearly jumped out of my skin. That primal reaction of fear struck, just as it had when I moved into shadow during my acting class a few weeks back. I actually have fond memories of thunderstorms; I used to sit on the porch with my dad and watch it pour, hear the thunder clap, count from each flash to each clap. I’m not afraid of thunderstorms anymore, but it was just so unexpected, the storm just starting, maybe that was it. Whatever it was, I think that’s what they refer to as “putting the fear of God in you.”

Photo Observation #12: #allofthefeelings












Unknown photographer, facebook album of sister

THEME: #allofthefeelings

DESCRIPTION: Feelings and I don’t get along. I either don’t have them (preferable) or I have far too many all at once (avoided at all costs).  I rarely get sentimental about anything, I don’t have raving passion for really anything. I’m loud, but I don’t do loud feelings. I kill my pets for money. (Kinda pets, and they’re bovines anyway, sometimes pigs.) Feelings… are just not a topic I like to dwell on. If I have allofthefeelings about anything, it’s well… not happy feelings, one might even say I have ill will towards others at times. While I could have easily found a picture of some traffic, I was trying for a little more optimistic feelings. Which brings me to this picture. Honestly, it’s a crappy picture. Taken in the middle of god-knows-where, obviously at night with that lovely flash, and it would appear to be taken on a camera of somewhat lower quality. All I can really say is this, and you have to know the girl in the picture (ignoring the other girl for the moment) to understand; it isn’t pretty, but it doesn’t have to be pretty to be beautiful. What otherwise would have gone unseen, this little moment of joy and abandon, that makes me so happy to see, was “brought to light” (no pun intended) by that ugly little camera flash.


Light Observation

It was Wednesday night and both me and my suitemate Lauren were up late working on homework. We were each in our own rooms working but her door has a full length mirror hanging on it and just happened to be ajar at just the right angle for us to see each other in the reflection.

I have always been fascinated by reflections, probably more than I should be. I have always been easily distracted from things I’m working on, definitely more than I should be. Lauren and I started chatting with each other, making eye contact through the mirror, and making silly faces at each other. Pretty soon we started mimicking each others expressions and movements and then we started trying to figure out whether we were making the same motions as each other or opposite, based on the angle of the mirror. Homework was not nearly so important as figuring out how the refraction of light works.

Light Observation

It was Tuesday afternoon and I was walking to class. It was a grey, cloudy sort of day, where all the colors seemed muted somehow, except one plant covered in bright majenta flowers.

It had been cloudy all week, and the week was only two days long so far. The light seemed to turn everything a little bit grayer than usual as though the world was covered in a layer of soot. The entire world looked dull, tired. But as I was walking I saw a bush covered in magenta flowers, and for some reason, the clouds hadn’t coated them in soot. The color was as bright as on sunny day, and seemed all the brighter for the dreary backdrop. I couldn’t help but smile. The color of these flowers must have been just the right hue to catch and reflect the light that made it through the clouds. One beautiful thing on a dreary day.

Photo Observation

Pictures of Moments Tell More than Thousand Words. (1)

Photographer – Zilvinas Valeika

Theme: All of the Feelings

I don’t think this photo even needs a description as to why it fits all of the feelings. This photo could be so many things. Is the dancer the past of the girl in the wheelchair? A dream she gave up on? A hope that she feels paralyzed to pursue? A hope she still holds on to despite it all? I find it interesting that the way the light hits the dancer illuminates her body and highlights the edges of her limbs, lending definition to her pose and yet leaves her face, her identity in shadow. In contrast, the girl in the wheelchair is looking into the light, her face and the one wheel of her chair catch the light as she looks on mostly from the shadows. Also, I can’t figure out why, but I get the sense that these two figures do not occupy the same reality, as though they are separated by time, or one is merely imagined.

Photo Observation #12 – Funny Feelings

Theme: #allofthefeelings

This picture, to me, exhibits all of the feelings. Just from this picture I can get emotions like happiness, sadness, and even maturity. The young puppy is here to replace the older puppy. The young puppy is full of energy and can bring anyone peace, happiness, or success. The cuteness can be felt from the picture. Many pictures of funny animals can be seen as true a picture of a puppy or grown dog. These puppies contain all of the feelings. What may bring love and warmth to one person, may be seen as hyper and dangerous to another. The innocent colors, makes the puppy seem helpless. The natural lighting really reminds me that they are outside, apart of nature. The colors of Spring fill the background telling us the time period, weather, and feelings that go along with this picture. These feelings are funny.

Light Observation #12 – Hofstra Gala

May 3rd, 8PM, Hofstra Gala

My friends martini began to shine in the ambient light.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Hofstra Gala, the biggest event Hofstra has every year to ensure its scholarship endowment. It was a fun night of dressing fancy and eating food that I wondered why Lackman didnt serve to us normally. Nonetheless, we entered the arena to find it completely changed and transformed. It was beautiful. There were intelligent lights that kept slowly rotating and changing gels. My friend went to get a pink martini and while she was holding it, the light was shining through the glass. The pink concoction began to glow. It seemed so pure and hopeful. It made the martini look more appetizing as well. I think light has a huge influence on food and drink. It can make us hungry or thirsty. Right away, I wanted a martini, which was a problem because it is illegal for me to consume alcoholic beverages at my age. The pink color became alive and started to dance around in her glass. It seemed like something this beautiful cannot be controlled, but there it was, in her martini glass.

Photo Observation #12

This picture represents all of the feelings because there is just so much going on, and you can’t even see all of the colors with all of the feelings. The light pouring from the window creates beautiful shadows on the floor. There is something so elegant about the combination of lighting, architecture and costume in this picture, and something mysterious about her reflection in the mirror. There are just so many different things that could be happening and so many possible feelings.The possibilities of feelings are ENDLESS.