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Photo Observation #1: Sunrise/Sunset

Cadillac Mountain Sunset

This photo was uploaded on by user Greg from Maine.

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

As the sun sets behind the mountains, a massive rainbow is cast parallel with the horizon establishing a feeling of serenity. The sunset begins to cast purple shadows against the trees, letting all of us know that the day has ended and it is time to rest. The oranges and yellows in the background are the memories of the day’s past and the moon sits high in the sky ready to light the coming darkness of the night. The light from the sunset paints a picture for it’s audience.  It is vivid without being overpowering. None of the hues are harsh or overwhelming. In contrast, the all fit together purposefully. It’s a calming beauty that comes with the sigh of relief when the day is over. I especially enjoy the effect of light in this photo because it makes me think of summer nights when I was a kid. My favorite part of the day was the sunset. I would recall what I did that day and smile because all the happiness of the day did not end abruptly and quickly, but in a celebration of light and colors across the sky.

Light Observation #1

1. 1/31/13, 9:00 am, Stuvyesant Hall parking lot

2. Bright, blinding sunlight glaring over the student center onto the cars.

3. Walking out of Stuyvesant Hall on my way to class The sunlight immediately hits my eyes like a bowling ball hitting the pins. The light was blinding, making everything disoriented. The light was so blinding it makes your eyes burn. After the initial burn went away the colors seemed to appear. The glow of the sunrise was a deep bright yellow illuminating the entire sky. Walking closer and closer the bright yellow color of the sky slowly disappeared as the shadow of the dark gray building.



Light Observation #1


  1. 2:30 PM, January 31, 2013, Second Floor Classroom in Roosevelt
  2. The classroom lights are off.  Sunlight from outside is the only source of light shining into the room, aside from the little bit of fluorescent light shining through the classroom’s door window. A cloud moves in front of the sunlight changing its down from a bright amber to a shade of gray.
  3. The transition from bright sunlight to gray hidden light as a result of a cloud changes the entire atmosphere of the classroom. The sun is no longer shining it’s rays through the window filling the classroom with bright happiness. In contrast, the room has become old and weary almost looking as if suddenly, the class has been thrown into a black and white movie. The light comes from the right side of the room casting a dark shadow on the left side of the Professors face. making her less inviting and more reserved, no longer a friend but an authority. Suddenly, the excitement of a new semester beginning has been replaced by the tiresome weariness of the end of last semester.

Photo Observation Week #1: Sunrise, Sunset


2. Photo by blogspot user “Valley Flower Company” posted on September 29 2010. (


3. Theme: Sunrise, Sunset


4. Sunsets like this remind me of evening in the fall in New England. The colors are warm and vibrant, contrasted with the bold darkness of the trees around them. Although the earth below the sunset is dark, turning into night, the sky is still warm and awake, with the bright sunset dissipating into the lavender sky. The sunsets in New England are always most vibrant in the fall- like the bright leaves that fall before winter sets in, the bright colors of the sunset fade into the subdued winter months.

Photo Observation #1

1) Sunrise from Space

2) From NASA,

3) Sunrise/Sunset

4) The sun is rising over the Earth, seen from space. The sun is causing a split in this picture, leaving a great area unlit in both space and on the Earth, but the area that is lit is exceedingly bright. It represents how powerful the first light of the morning is, bringing a new day and many hours of light to the Earth, and how powerful sunset is, removing most of the light from the Earth for the rest of the night.

Light Observation #1

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: When and where you had your lighting “moment”

1/30/13, 4:30PM, Republic Hall Dorm Room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Simply identify what the light you are talking about is. Describe well enough for someone who is not there to understand what the light is.

About half way into the room there was a short lamp was on a desk. The lamp was on and created a set of concentric circles on the desk, sharing the lamp as their center. The innermost circle, the circle closest to the lamp, was shaded. The light created by the lamp barely brightened that circle. The middle circle was lit. It was bright and entirely lit by the lamp. The last circle was essentially the rest of the room, which also was dark and shaded in comparison to the middle circle and still darker than the inner circle. The circles faded into one another, having blurry edges rather than having sharp, defined edges between them.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This should be a creative and imaginative description of the lighting “moment”. Assign a feeling or emotion to the lighting; find the “poetry” of the moment.

The light was protective. The middle circle was a strong wall, holding at bay the darkness that surrounded the lamp. The darkness was all around, but the light held its ground against the ever-looming foe, protecting the weaker circle light behind it. The darkness was creeping in, and the wall of light was partially compromised at its furthest edge, but there was still a ring of space between the rest of the room and the inner circle.

Light Observation 1

1) 1/31/13, 11:00 A.M. Walking to class near Playhouse

2) The sun was behind me casting a shadow. A female student in front of me was wearing gold sequin covered boots. The boots reflected the suns light over my shadow with each step in a circular area of little specs of light.

3) Every time the student took a step the sun shimmered off her boots and onto the ground. As I was walking I noticed I conformed to her pace, keeping her footsteps inside my shadow. The way each sequin of the boots made the light dance across the ground and in contrast with my dark shadow gave me a feeling of excitement. Each footstep had a different pattern of the reflected light and I became almost enticed by the reflections. It was something so simple, but it made me think about what the sun was doing and how I was the only one who paid any attention to it.

Photo Observation: Sunrise/Sunset



2) user “vaishali muzumdar,” Poem 409

3) Sunrise/Sunset

4) The sun rises in the east and welcomes a new day. At the same time in a different place, the sun sets. Day becomes night just as night becomes day, two halves of the sun’s dance, both happening simultaneously and infinitley. The sun brightens the world, chasing away the darkness of the night; it runs across the sky lighting everything in its path. But it leaves shadow in its wake, turning into blackness once again. The world awaits the next time the sun will rise.

Light Observation #1

1. 1/31/13, 3:00pm, Art History Classroom in Breslin


2. Flicker from small overhead recessed lights that need to be replaced, glow from presentation screen


3. The recessed lighting comes from the center of the classroom, and with the dark edges of the room and the flicker of a bulb that needs to be replaced, the room has a very ominous feel, almost like a horror movie. The screen creates a stark glow when compared to the light from the softer recessed bulbs, and the brightness is uncomfortable in contrast. Between the glow and the flickering, although the room is full of people, it feels empty, and cold, sort of like a movie is playing in an empty theatre. It’s creepy, and I hope someone replaces this bulb before the next class.