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Photo Observation #2





3. Single light source/ shadow

4. This photo I found very interesting, it contains the single light source of the natural light coming through the window, which only lights up half of the room. It gives the room a almost horror film feeling, because you don’t know whats on the other side of the room. I like how even though the light source is small it is still bright enough to show the details of the room. I like the eery creepy feeling to it but it also at the same times feels like an old house you see in movies in Europe, so you can get two different senses from this photo.


Light Observation #2

1. 4pm 2/1/12 Driving to New Jersey

2. As I was driving along the highway en route to New Jersey, the New York Skyline appeared. Because it was about to snow the sky was very hazy and almost gray. But the sun was also setting so there was some pink in the sky surrounding the buildings.

3. The mystical, almost dreamlike effect the sky had on the New York Skyline was almost as if it wasn’t real.  The fogginess and smog surrounding the buildings wrapped them in surealness. It appeared as if this picture had come out of my imagination. The faint pink sunset lit up the skyscrapers giving them a whole new appearance, like as if it came out of a fairy tale. The surrealness continued as I slowly drove along the highway but once over the George Washington Bridge my opposite view of the skyline faded the dreaminess and brought me back into reality.

Photo Observation 2 Single Light Source/Shadow


Taken 2/7/12

single light source/shadow

I found this photo interesting because the shadow made a cool effect through the case. the shadow for the clear case made alost an optical illusion and gave a clear object a shadow. also since the shadow was casted on to a wall and the light souce was so close it made the shadow appear much larger then the object it came from witch I also found cool.


Photo Observation: Single Light Source/Shadow



Ann Davlin on

“Shadow Dancert”

3) Single Light Source/Shadow

4) To have passion for something is to completely devote oneself to what you believe in and wish to accomplish. That means practice. That means dedication. It is creating your own storybook and filling the pages with experience. Even when you’re alone or in the dark, it’s not an excuse to give up. Keep going and keep filling the pages. It will all be worth it once the spotlight is on you. It will be your time to shine. All that’s left is to read the story you wrote. Seeing this dancer practice by herself is inspiring. It gives me a sense of hopefulness mixed with respect. She is alone in the dark but she is still practicing and moving forward.