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Light Observation #11

1. 4/18/2013, 11:22 pm, Stuyvesant Hall

2. A single streetlight lit along the road. It is the only light in the area and providing minimal light to the street.

3. As I go to shut the blinds, I take one last look outside at the night sky and notice the streetlight outside my window. The floresant white bulb illuminates the area around it as it is the only light source in the area. It gives off an eerie mysterious feel and even though it is the only light it feels rather uninviting and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Photo Observation #11

1) In the Spotlight PhotoPlan View of In the Spotlight


3) This woman is the main focus. There is no question about her being the center of this picture, and she knows it. The way the light hits her face and casts a shadow from her jaw emphasizes the tilt in her head and how she seems to know that she is the focus. The other great thing about this picture is her shadow. With the angle that it is, it is below her. It suggests to me that she is above all, including her own shadow.

Light Observation #11

1) 4/18/2013, 11:45am, Spiegel Theater

2) A single Edison-style light bulb hangs from the ceiling backstage. Isaiah Stanley is standing directly in between my line of sight and the light.

3) Isaiah has a ring of light around his head. He is outlined by an angelic light. He is beyond the constraints of men now. The light has lent itself to him, bathing him in brightness, yet causing the rest of his body to become unimpressive. His torso and legs are blank, dark, but his head is radiant. He is like two separate people in this state.