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Photo Observation – Max Cerci

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.58.47 AM



Taken by me at my High School in MA. during “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

3) Desire

4) This photo represents desire in two big ways. The first is through its’ scenario. The hanging lights are all focused in on the one person sitting alone on the stage giving most of the attention to him while the lights of the buildings on the side and big structure in the back illuminate brightly with an array of colors. This signifies a person daydreaming of a life they wish to have with his surroundings mirroring his desires. Similarly, the star drop in the back serves to further propel this scenario into a dreamlike state.

Lastly, this photo shows an actor in a prime acting moment with pit, lights, and all the elements coming together for a picturesque moment. Something that an actor might look at and desire to be a part of.

Max Cerci – Lighting Observation

1) 3/23/14 around 6:30 ish – Sunset – East River

2) The sun setting over Manhattan from the view point of the east river before Throgs Neck Bridge

3) As I drove back towards Long Island I turned to my right to see a truly stunning picture. The sun was in the process of setting behind Manhattan an had left the whole city, including the bridges, in silhouette. The sky at the top of manhattan acted as a canvas painting every color from yellow, to blue, to green, to pink: Illuminating the sky in a canvas of different colors. I found myself thinking of the crayon craft where you melt a bunch of crayons and get a mixture of different colors across your canvas.