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Light Observation #10

1)April 9, 2014 10:05 AM Emily Lowe Hall, room 201

2)The combination of the lights on in the room and the sunlight coming in from the windows made for a different environment than is usually found in room 201

3)In a room that is usually fairly dim, walking into this brightly lit room was an unexpected change. Not only were the fluorescent lights on, but the brilliant sunlight streaming in from the large windows was reflecting off of the white paint, making the room just that much brighter.

Photo Observation – Max Cerci

1) Bruce-Nauman-green-light-corridor_2


3) Bete Noire

4) For some reason, I strongly dislike the color green. For me, this picture represents the feeling that green gives me. I do not feel freedom in green and it makes me feel limited, less creative and closed in. The fluorescent green color seems to be trapping and limiting this girl more than the walls themselves.



Photo Observation

1) 4/7/14 8:50

2) The sunlight coming in from the window in the classroom.

3) The light that shined from the window hit the panes just right to create a perfect gobo-like paneling on the wall. It looked like the type of gobo that I might use for deathtrap in order to reflect what’s going on outside.  It would be perfect for indicating the moon while in the room.