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Light Observation #11

1. Colonial Square middle gate, Saturday, April 19, 10:00 PM

2. Light from the flood lights on the building is hitting a blossoming tree outside of my dorm.

3. Earlier that day I had noted how lovely the sunlight looked filtering through the pink blossoms. Now it was much later at night, and the scene was completely different. The sky was a deep blue/black and amber/orange light from the floodlights on the building filtered through the branches instead. The tree itself looked menacing, and the blossoms were no longer the pink blush but instead a sickly and dim orange. It was a completely different scene that was chilling and beautiful at the same time.

Photo Observation #11


3. Amusement

4. Though I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of an amusement park for this assignment, I think that this fits the theme perfectly. The sun setting in the background signifies the end of a beautiful day. The lights on the ride are just starting to come on, bringing the fun of the day into the later hours. I think that the colors on ride and in the sky behind it are fun and lovely, giving an amusing atmosphere to the picture.

Amusement Lighting Key