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2 attempts, and 4 seasons later (or, Jesse begins to figure out VLL)


Summer in Mexico. Since the description was “hot,” I settled for a picture of the desert instead of a romanticized Mexican beach, which would have very cool elements due to the ocean.

L102: 48 deg. elevation, 37 deg. side, 17′ above, 6′ SR, 8′ DS, 15′ throw
L102: 52 deg. elevation, 21 deg. side, 17′ above, 3′ SR, 8′ DS, 14′ throw

L102 Full, NC Full



Maine sunrise

Maine sunrise. Love the way the Sun is hitting the model, it looks like a redemptive morning, but also dangerous because (as the old adage goes) “pink sky in morning, sailors take warning.”

G995, 50%. 0 deg. elevation, 56 deg. side, 6′ above, 12′ SR, 8′ DS, 14′ throw
AP6300 Full: o deg. elevation, 6′ above, 12′ SR, Direct Sidelight, 12′ throw

AP7450 Full, L102 Full, G995 Full







Malibu sunset. In contrast to the Mexico one, I wanted to make this feel not too hot. A nice, comfortably warm night when these two lovebirds could enjoy each other’s company without needing to turn the AC on full blast. The purple tones at the bottom suggest a nice, balanced temperature.

AP 6800 FULL, 52 deg elevation, 21 deg. back, 17′ above, 3′ SR, 8′ US, 14′ throw

AP7350 Full, Blue 25%, R15 25%






New England winter. This was a tricky one. I don’t quite think I got the balance right, or the angle for the light to hit the model, no matter what positioning I experimented with. Having experienced a lifetime of New England winters I recognize this washed-out, greyish color with brown and blue undertones, but not having shadows from bare tree branches in there feels

AP2080 – 52 deg. elevation, 21 deg. side, 17′ above, 3′ SL, 8′ DS, 14′ throw
AP2080 – 48 deg. elev, 37 deg. side, 17′ above, 6′ SL, 8′ DS, 15′ throw

AP 2220 75%, Ap2310 (Full)