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Photo Observation 1 (sunrise/sunset)


Theme: sunset/sunrise

Description: The dark figures in the forefront of this picture contrast the high intensity oranges and yellows.  There are no specific lines where one color changes to the next except for the silhouetted trees.  The gray/blue fades seamlessly into the red/orange and then in the yellows.  The dark clouds break up the colors and make them appear to be that much brighter and pigmented.

Photo Observation- Hofstra Sunset

Snapchat-5225723652417268936 (2)

Photo Credit: Bree Bursey

Theme: Sunset/Sunrise

Description: This photo was taken from my window of my dorm. I am on the 9th floor so I usually get a nice, unobstructed view of the skyline. This photo is of a sunset that was occurring on a relatively cloudy day, but instead of the clouds blocking the view of the sunset, they made it more interesting. The clouds reflected the color of the exceptionally red/orange sunset and added texture to the sky. Also the sun was setting behind the buildings which gave them a silhouette look, which contrasted the vibrant colors of the sky. I like this photo because of how warm the colors are, it feels like you are in the Lion King instead of in lovely Hempstead, New York.

Photo Observation 1


This is a photograph that I took at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

Theme: Sunrise or Sunset

A beacon of power and warmth streams through the darkening sky. The few scattered clouds grow dark with exhaustion as an arc of colorful illumination floods a watercolored celestial sphere. Layers of dark blue hues to pale yellows  perfectly shadow the soothing shelter of the houses nearby. Towards the bottom, the bright golden sand shifts to a quiet, dark dormancy. The last natural light of the day until it awakens again.

Lighting Observation 1

Date: 1/28/2016

Time: 5:15pm

Objective description:  Walking past Enterprise Hall, sunset in distance.

Subjective description: The pale blue of a typical Long Island winter sky faded into a pale pink and then a deeper orange.  The trees and buildings in the distance were dark and in silhouette, contrasting the colors and making them that much more stunning.  The sky had a romantic feeling with its changing colors and seamless transitions.

Grand Canyon Sunset – Tia


Photo Credit: Tia Harewood-Millington

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

Description: this photo was taken right at the beginning of sunset over the Grand Canyon on my road trip last summer. It displays the usual colors that one would associate with a sunset; oranges, yellows, and occasional pinks.