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Lighting Observation 4

Date: 2/15/16

Time: 8:30pm

Location: my dorm

Objective description: I have decorative lights hanging on my wall around my bed in my dorm room. They are white lights surrounded by little clear glass beads. The beads and wire attaching them cast shadows on my wall and well as illuminate my room.

Subjective description: The light shines through the cage of wire and glass beads surrounded the lightbulb casting unique shadows across my wall. Patches of light are cut harshly where the wires make shadows and the glass of the beads sends the light in unique directions. My wall becomes patterned and it looks like a piece of art or a mural when they are on, yet they also still manage to illuminate my entire room with a soft warm glow.

Photo Observation 4 (hot)


Theme: hot

Description: The colors red, yellow and orange are naturally associated with warmth. We connect these colors with fire and heat, so I picked a photo that incorporated these colors. The brightness and vibrancy of the colors against the black rock make the colors seem even brighter than they are and therefore also give off the feeling of heat and warmth.  The colors seem to glow from the picture which makes me associate it even more with warmth.

Photo Observation: Hot


Theme: Hot

Description: As children we think of the sun as this big hot ball and at the end of the day that is really what it is. This picture depicts how that thought is true. The bright orange and red glow of the burning orb gives off a sense of heat. The colors are also similar to those of a flame.  Across the center of the sun there are brighter orange or golden patches, making the overall color and light more intense. Around the edge of the sun there is an ambient amber light that contrast strongly against the black of the atmosphere. This picture works for the theme of hot since the intense oranges and reds are those most associated with that of heat.

Lighting Observation #4

Date: 2/12/16 Time: around 4:30 pm Location: West 4 Tattoo

Objective Description: The light was coming from a bright white florescent bulb set in track lighting on the ceiling of the tattoo shop.

Subjective Description: As I laid on the reclined leather chair with my arm stretched out getting my second tattoo I could not help but to look up at the light above me. The sterile glow of a doctors office danced on colorful painting and images on the ceiling. For once looking into the light did not burn my eyes because they were so focused on the amazing pieces of art this harsh light illuminated. The light in that moment explained perfectly the vibe of the whole shop… clean, crisp, and creative.

Horseshoe Bend – Tia


2. Photo Credit: Me

3. Theme: Hot

4. This picture was taken in Page, Arizona. The water pictured is the Colorado River where it comes to form a bend. I chose this picture for this week’s theme for one main reason and that is the lack of shadows. To me, shadows mean that something is around to provide shade and cool to people or animals and none of that exists here. There is little to no shrubbery and the sun is high in the sky almost alway. The temperatures get very high. This picture looks hot to me because it resembles a desert. The light is very pale but dry looking suggesting that there is no moisture. All you see is just bright white/yellow light coming from the sun which gives a “hot” feeling to me.

Lighting Ob #4

  1. 2/16/2016, 12:37 am, Academic Side of Campus Quad
  2. Objective: Campus lamps lighting the south side of campus through the fog
  3. Subjective: The fog was not too thick so you could still see the lights, but they appeared to be covered by the thin layer of fog. It created an eery feel on the campus but also an intriguing one. Even though it appeared as a place you would want to leave you also wanted to stay and witness the beauty that came with it.