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Lighting Obsrvation: 2/19

Date: 2/13/16

Time: 5:45 am

Location: Constitution Hall Window

Objective Description: I woke up to a dark room, ready for a full day of travel when I noticed a little bit of pink coming from the dark sky. the sun was rising but the room was still dark and the campus was still asleep with the he street lamps still illuminated.

Subjective Description: The room still dark and drowsy remained still as the final hours of the night came to a close. Through the dark-shaded blinds, the first ray of light peased through with beams of a warm and welcoming pink followed by blues and yellows. I drew up the blinds and the dim dazed room was immediately ablaze with light, color, and life. The street lamps below still burning with fury as the natural light from thee sun’s rays bid them a job well done. A fervent sea of lights reached out to shake hands with the rainbow of colors above.

Photo Observation 4



Photo Credit:

Theme: hot

Description: This photo is made of entirely of warm colors. Not only are the colors multiple blended layers of varies oranges; yellows; and reds, but they are also heavily saturated which really make the photo feel very warm. The abstract bokeh dots remind me of embers flying through the air from a fire. This photo stood out to me because it was  is not a physical object that we know to be hot, but rather the color and abstract ember-like dots make you feel the heat emitting from the photograph and associate it with the word “hot”.

Photo Observation: Hot


This photo was taken by the Masquerade Production of Carrie (Possibly Tim Hatcher).

Theme: Hot


A darknened border encapsulates the glowing red aura like a hot branding iron as it blares bright red, fresh from the flame. A blazing rainbow of warm hues scorching the outmost edges of the centered set send forth a rain of fiery intensity upon the fallen actors. A flame of white light illuminates the bottom downstage staircase on each edge of the stage. The red-tinted silhouettes of  life-less bodies sprawl across the floor under the suffocating power of the heat. One single survivor remains standing, about to enter into the cool abyss of black waiting behind the melting doors.