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Lighting Observation 5

Date: 2/18/16

Time: 4pm

Location: LH Comm. room 209 (the dance studio)

Objective Description: The sun was shining in through the emergency exit window and created a square of light on the floor.

Subjective Description: The sunlight poured into the studio from one small window.  It left a distinctive rectangle on the grey floor.  The florescent lights were turned off and all the light source was from that tiny window.  The rectangle elongated on the floor yet left a specific square of light and the rest of the room in darkness. There were harsh lines on the floor as to where the light stopped and the darkness started.

Photo Observation 5


Theme: fun

Description: The lighting in this photo gives off the feeling of fun by all the different colors.  I enjoyed the various colors and that there weren’t concrete lines separating them, all the edges just merged into one another.  I also thought it was fun because it took an object in nature that is typically neutral tones and made it appear abnormal and silly.  When I first looked at this photo I didn’t realize it was a tree until I looked at it more closely.  I enjoyed that the lighting changed the appearance of an everyday object and made it more fun and whimsical.