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Lighting Observation 6

Date: 2/28/16

Time: 8:40pm

Location: Lowe 108

Objective description: The orange light from the street lights and lights on the side of Lowe shine on the side of the Nab and create shadows from the trees.

Subjective description: The warm orange light projects onto the cream concrete.  The orange is broken up by the curved shadows from the leaf-less trees.  Warped black lines criss cross over the side of the building creating unique patterns in the orange light.

Photo Observation 6


Theme: shadow

Description: I picked this picture because I loved how most of it was in shadow.  The darkness is then cut by the harsh lines of square light that are slightly distorted where the floor meets the wall.  I also loved that because of the shadows, the cat is framed by light and it’s shadow shows up clearly on the wall behind it.