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Lighting Observation 6

Date: 3/4/16 Time: 1 am  Location: Will Ketter’s house

Objective: Will owns these ornamental Christmas-type lights which he hung on 3/4 of his room.

Subjective: As regular lights, at first glance didn’t seem like much but as I noticed the particles as they try to puncture through the heavily-thick smoke that was filling up the room I noticed the light bend and refract to which I thought was really cool. Also, by this time the sources began to fade away so it looked like round pockets of energy… probably should’ve taken a picture, next time.


Photo Observation 6



THEME: Shadow

DESCRIPTION: The juxtaposition of the sunset’s bright colors bringing the figures of the trees and power lines to silhouettes really emphasizes the idea of “shadow” – and shadow to me is all about contrast, that you can’t have shadows without the light to cast them, obviously, so showing both brightness and darkness in a photo is important to showing shadow.

Photo Observation 6


From: Online

Theme: Shadows

Description:What I thought was so dope about this assignment is that a shadow has this uncanny freedom where it’s able to, be an expression of one’s true thoughts and feelings deep down, while all the more becoming something completely different than the figure that has the light shine upon it. With this photo for instance what caught my attention was at first the shadow, not the…collection of animals? Anyway as I stared sculpture I couldn’t directly tell if the shadow was an edit or what’s truly displayed against the wall.

Photo Observation 6



Photo taken by Me, February 2016

Theme: Shadow

Usually shadows can be found during the day time, where light is more abundant and common. But in our modern world where so much is lit at night time, it is easy to find shadows even in the dark. Shadows have the ability to create more tension at night, given humans are generally afraid of the dark and unknown. The less we can see, the worse.