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Photo Observation 10


Theme: advertisement model/desire

Description:  This photo uses mainly side light and top light.  She seems to have white light coming from what would be stage left that illuminates the entire left side of her body while casting the other half in shadow, making her seem mysterious and beautiful as her features are clearly defined.  Some top light is clearly used as the top of her head is lit and as well as the top of both of her thighs.  The blue/gray background with and explosion of light from behind her makes her seem powerful and alluring.

VLL stage

Photo Observation


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Theme: Advertisement/Desire

Description: I chose this advertisement because Urban Decay is one of the most hyped makeup companies, and for good reason. Not only is this product awesome (I own it …), but the simple idea behind the advertisement is kind of genius.

The first thing that caught my eye was that the model’s face was lit up with a harsh, white light. Bright or fluorescent lighting isn’t known for being flattering to the face. It exposes every flaw and imperfection. But if you’ll notice, the name of the palette is “Naked,” which is synonymous with exposed. Obviously, an eyeshadow won’t give you perfect skin, but it makes the connection in the viewer’s mind that if you wear this makeup, you could possibly look as perfect as this model. It basically says, if you look this good in ugly light, you’re golden in softer, everyday light.

Everyone wants clear skin and lots of others want the kind of badass eye makeup pictured here. If the lighting weren’t so bright and dramatic, the picture wouldn’t have had such a sensational effect.


Palazzo da Mula At Venice


Palazzo da Mula at Venice by Claude Monet (1908)

Photo of painting found on wikiart here.

Screen shot 2016-04-08 at 8.37.34 AM


The warm yellows, ambers, and just the slightest touch of pinks gently illuminate the palazzo from hardly any vertical angle, while angled steeply to the left horizontally. Although much of this painting is in cool blues and greens, the lighter greys and warm colors rendering the light have such a light, delicate, and quite gentle touch – serenely reflecting itself on the water in the foreground. This feels like early morning, maybe just prior to dawn. It feels somewhat melancholy, but overall contemplative and mostly simply content. These more peaceful and serene feelings tend to tag along somehow with something that is gentle, or gently depicting a particular scene. I ended up looking through quite a lot of impressionist paintings actually, as it felt like every photo I found depicted a subject that was gentle rather than presenting gentle lighting.