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Lighting Observation #2

When & Where: Febuary 7th, 2018 / Constitutiuon, 3rd Flood, Bathroom

Objective Description: The shower stall is small and fits just one person. The stall has one fluorescent tube light above it that would normally be on, but the bulb was out. The only sources of light for the stall was provided by the other ceiling light above the other shower stall. The entire stall was covered in shadow except for just the light breaking through from top of the stall.

Subjective Description: Being within the stall felt like hiding away. The shade gave me a sense of comfort, as if it were a spot made just for me to relax. The added light from the top of the stall made it seem like my only connection to the outside, making my corner all the more fun to be in.

Lighting Observation #2

  1. February 8, 2018 – 9:30pm- Hofstra University sidewalk between the Playhouse and Calkins
  2. I am walking on the sidewalk in between Calkins Hall and the Adam’s Playhouse. It is completely dark outside. There is silence and not a person to be found. About every 30 feet there is another light post. As you travel closer to the post, the light intensifies, and as I continue walking, the lighting dims. My shadow grew and shrunk as I kept walking.
  3. I was so interested in the growth and shrinkage of my shadow based on the distance of the lighting posts. As I walked closer, the shadow began to shrink until the point where the light was on top of me and I was standing on my shadow. As I moved away, the shadow grew and then disappeared. The mood of my surroundings was chilling. The silence and darkness gave the feeling of darkness and the shadow added to it. Although no one was around, I would feel the presence of my shadow emerging out of nowhere and following me until all of a sudden, it was gone again.

Photo Observation #2

2. Found on

Photo by Eloise Cribb

3. This photo creates a fear of the unknown in anyone who sees it. Shadows are often used to reveal things that are unseen by the human eye. This creates a feeling of unease and wariness of the thing we will never know or understand until it’s too late (as shown in the photo). The room is also fairly dim, which causes an ominous ambiance around the actions in the photo.

Lighting Observation #2

1. Date: February 8, 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Location: My room
2. There is a lamp that shines on the side of my dorm room. It has no lampshade so the light coming from the bulb is bright enough to adequately brighten the whole room. Because the light is not in the middle of my room, it causes to be cast from every object in my room.
3. Despite the numerous ominous shadows cast because of this light, it does not evoke any mysterious emotions from me. The light has more of a somber and sad feeling attached to it. It reminds me of a work light and I picture someone that is hard at work in their own home and is concentrating heavily.

Photo Observation #2

Shade created by a texture of a roof style: Pintrest

I found this photo while browsing photography images online. What I like about this image is how you cannot see what the top is shaped but you can see the shadow of the shape. The light is coming from the top left in this image. I also like that the photo is in black and white so you can enjoy the shadows and intensities in the image.


Lighting Description #2

Location: Emily Lowe 2nd Floor 8:50 am in our classroom.

In our classroom there was a lamp placed on the desk in the front left corner. The first two windows in the room have their blinds closed the following windows are pulled up to about three quarters. The lights are all off except the lamp and the projection of jelly fish. The light from the lamp is a warm yellow. The lamp lights up the top corner of the desk but creates a shadow on the floor immediately close to the desk. The light makes a 90 degree angel with the outside being light and the inside being a shadow. The walls are hit with much lower intensity than the desk and it washes over everything in the room. My skin is ever so slightly yellowed by the light.

The light creates a mysterious mood. It reminds me of a lone street lamp on a dark street. Or a light from stranger things. I think the light has a retro feel because the lamp is using bulbs from the the 70’s and 80’s. I can picture a room with this lone lamp in a movie about Aliens and the light would flicker as the Alien approaches the room.

Light Observation #2

  1. 02/07/2018 Outside Alliance Hall late at night.
  2. The burning bright amber cone of a cigarette that has been smoked and is about to go out on the ground. It doesn’t have enough glow to illuminate the area around it. However the light is strong enough to be seen from far away. When there are two both in an ash tray and both just about to go out.
  3. This light is the kind which reminds me of not only bad habits but good times. The idea that some cigarettes can be lit by themselves and be lonely verses the fact that there are two laying together shows that there were two people. It’s the idea or romance that these amber buds of light from sticks of nicotine and chemicals which can kill you can bring two people together. As such whenever I see anything resembling these lights or burning amber I think to romance and smoking.

Photo Observation #2

2. This was a photo taken by me a good few months ago during the summer months at HOFSTRA

3. Theme: Shadows

4. This photo has a good use of one light source from behind to light the gazebo. This also makes sure what bits of the gazebo get in the way to allow for a nice shadowed effect over some of the crosswalk. This photo also has a nice mix of greens and wood grain made brighter by the contrast.

Photo Observation #2

2) I found the photo originally on Pinterest, however I then found it came from this photographer’s facebook (¬† )

3) THEME: Shadows

4) DESCRIPTION: I was drawn to this photo because of the contrast of the piercing light on the girls face and the darker, shadows around it. The middle of the photo gives off an abrasive mood because of the bright geometric shade of the light. Having the light positioned right in the girl’s eyes creates this feeling because everyone can understand the painful¬† feeling when one gets a bright light shined in their eyes. Everywhere else in the photo, the shadows are more prominent. The feeling here is much more calm. This is because it is almost “the calm before the storm” type feeling. Overall, the strong contrast of the shadows and the light is very interesting to the eye in this photo.

Light Observation #2

  1. 8 February 2018//6:22 pm//Student Center Hospitality Desk–looking into the hallway.
  2. There is a led scrolling light sign on the exterior of the card services office. It alternates between red text and green text, but is most often red. It is bright enough that it throws a considerable amount of light onto the other hallway wall. It is a non specific shape that is on the ceiling and opposite wall of which the intensity lessens from the center out. The intensity also undulates as the words stream across the sign in different lengths altering the number of lights used/illuminating the opposite wall.
  3. This light feels discouraging. It reminds me of a post on a moody aesthetic blog where there is only a chair in a white room with dramatic colored lighting. The other situation I could liken it to is that of an empty bar…a neon light illuminating an empty space on a slow night. Its kind of harrowing really. The red is such a contrast to the white wall and it is hard not to notice it…it gives off a vibe of “I’ll just be over here…waiting…if anyone cares?” I would love to use this lighting on a lyrical modern dance piece that is lonely bar, this association with this light really has my imagination going.