Beware – things are not always as they appear…

Part of the series "Night". Working mainly in darkness, I build up the light, applying it precisely. The landscape takes on a fuller existence, brought on by the coalescence of light and exhibits a sense of “hyper-reality,” yet at the same time has a certain quietness and beauty. All of my images are created using light painting, in this case using a battery powered 20"x10" LED panel.

Photo by Harold Ross, found here.Screen shot 2016-04-29 at 8.06.50 AM


Searching for surreal lighting, or lighting that evokes some kind of un-reality or dream-reality, as opposed to simply finding a surrealist painting proved quite challenging…the white light highlighting the sides of the trees contrasts the pitch black background, while the shadows of the trees fall forward into the viewer’s space creates a haunting world in which things are not always as they appear. Light seems to emanate from below to illuminate the underside of the leaves & branches, and yet also appears to come from above as wide swaths of the grass surrounding the trees are also illuminated. I imagine this image in something like a Tim Burton film, or maybe in Alice in Wonderland (using colored lights). It also would work quite well in moments of The Devil and Daniel Webster.

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