Photo Observation 6

  1. This was taken on my phone by my friend Hannah.
  2. Theme: Happy
  3. This is yet another picture from my trip to Israel. This was on the beach in Tel Aviv and to me, this is the epitome of happiness with the bright colors and the sun, sand, and sea. The bright blue of the sky plus the yellow on the chairs and the greens and pinks of my bathing suit give a bright and happy mood to this photo. It was also a very funny moment because we realized that the chairs had the same symbol (Chai, meaning “life”) on them that I have on the back of my neck. Tel Aviv was our last stop on the trip, so at this point we had all gotten to be very close, and it was both happy and sad to be there as we knew the trip was soon coming to a close. Regardless, we all got into our bathing suits and played in the warm ocean for several hours and had a blast.

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