Light Observation

  1. Tuesday, March 28th; 8:06pm; Dorm room on 13th floor, window facing Hempstead Turnpike
  2. The infamous Hofstra birds circling in the low-hanging fog with the streetlamps creating an orange haze within.
  3. Every night without fail on the North side of campus, a flock of at least 30 birds circle, swoop, and dive within the sky, making my bedroom feel like part of a Hitchcock movie.  Tuesday night was especially Hitchcock-esque though with the fog; the gray fog was so thick it was opaque, and it made it even creepier when the birds would seem to appear out of thin air and then dive back into the fog.  The only thing able to break through the fog were the streetlights dotting Hempstead Turnpike and the side streets within Hempstead.  It lit up the city in a way unique to anything I had seen any other night.  Despite their spread being out of focus, the orange light coming from the lamps was the clearest thing in the night, like a beacon.  I don’t think Hitchcock could have created a better picture himself.

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