Photo Observation


  1. I choose this picture from my phone and it was taken when me and my little sister were at the beach in Rye Playland around August.
  2. Summer
  3. When I think of summer I absolutely think of the beach, mostly because it is my favorite place. Besides the fact I love the beach I choose this picture for other reasons. You can see where the sun is coming from on the right side of the picture because how bright my face is and how much darker my sister’s body is because she is turned away from the light. I can tell the time this photo was taken because of the direction of the sun. When the sun was on the left it was morning and as the day got later it shifted to the right. Considering the sun is on the right side it was most likely late afternoon around 3 or 4. I also love on the the sun makes a reflection os me and my sister in the wet sand. This photo also reminds me of when I would sit by the shore line and admire the rocks and when the sun shine hit the rocks it would shine brightly like crystals. The shinning rocks would be my favorite lighting moment in the summer.

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