Photo Observation #3

Title: “Miami Nightlife”

Photo Credits: BBC’s “A Guide to Miami Nightlife”

Location: Miami, Florida

Theme: Nightlife

There are amazing lighting qualities incorporated into this picture. The sunset above Ocean Drive is a mixture of different shades of blue and purple, and the hotels and restaurants all have their names lit up in neon blue and orange lights. The speed of the cars traveling on the street next to these restaurants is fast enough to make the cars turn into a blur and their headlights to create almost a horizontal line of a yellow/white light. Like New York City, Miami is a place where even in the nighttime, the city streets themselves look as if it’s daytime, but when you look at the sky, it’s dark. This picture shows how the buildings here have an old fashion architecture (early 1900s), but their lighting has helped to keep this city as one of the most popular places in the United States due to a series of modern lighting designs.


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