Light Observation 8

1) Feb 24, ~7:00 PM; my room

2) My lamp reflected on my wall

3) Both my lighting observations are in my room this week, but what can I say? It’s all I’ve seen since I’ve been sick. It was dark and I had turned on all of my artificial lights in my room (not the overhead lights because I, too, hate fluorescent light). I was on my bed reading when I noticed that, interestingly, my floor lamp made an interesting image of itself in a pseudo-reflection on the wall. The lamp has a gray base with five white shades. The light from bulbs was bright against the wall, and their light causes the base to cast a shadow against the wall. The colors of the light and the shadow match that of the actual object, and so mimic a reflection. I had to get out of my bed and observe the wall to see if it was actually reflective (it’s not)– it was an interesting optical illusion!

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