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Lighting Observation

  1. 2/2/17, 2:20 pm, Axinn Library
  2. Objective: I was in the quiet section of the Axinn library in the afternoon. I was sitting in a cubicle close to the large glass windows facing Davinson Hall. The sun was shining into the library and onto the nearby cubicles. The shadows that the trees cast came through and onto the cubicles as well.
  3. Subjective: The dullnessĀ of the quiet room in Axinn was cut by the glow of the sunlight coming through the wall of glass windows. The shadows of tree branches that fell onto my cubicle provided some relief from the strong rays of the sun. This transformed the dreary feeling of the room and gave it some animation.

Lighting Observation: 4/29

Date: 4/26/16

Time: 4:15 pm

Location: Axinn Library corner study across from the Reference Desk.

Objective Description: The harsh fluorescents of the Axinn Library are always on during visitor hours, however, as the sun disappeared by the window and clouds covered the natural light streaming in, the library gained an entirely new atmosphere of a much darker and desolate origin.

Subjective Description: The last beams of natural light covered by a mask of grey puffed clouds that bring with it tears of dark exhaustion. The bright and well-populated library darkens even under the harsh effects of the sometimes blinding, bright fluorescent lights. The temperature in the room has undoubtedly remained the same, however, with the disappearance of the sun and its golden shine, the empty air of the library feels much colder and the cool gray and blue tones add to the dark and gloomy atmosphere overcast in the sky and spreading into Axinn. A dark and tired day, as a result of a dark and tired sky.